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Our Club


Our club started in 2019, we both went through a lot of big life changes where a lot of Self Love was needed to get the best version of our selfs back. 

Because of this mutual feeling we started our little club and we wanted to share this with others. We are big supporters of investing in yourself. Like momma Ru says "If you can't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else". And we live by that. Take care of yourself before giving everything you have to others. 

We are both creative creatures and have a drive for enterprising. So the realization of the Self Love Club was for us a must. A club that can be joined by anyone who wants to have some self love time. We are here to help you out with sleek designs that will make you feel like the king or queen that you are.

Just because we want you to know that "You are fucking special"

club tour

Welcome to the club! Take a small tour through our club and hopefully we will see you really soon in person in our club.

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